A Walk to Remember (Movie)

Based on A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures (2002)
Rating: PG

Genre: Drama
Director: Adam Shankman
Main Cast: Shane West, Mandy Moore

Viewer’s Annotation: Jamie Sullivan, with her unfailing faith, inspires classmate Landon Carter to rethink his reckless, self-centered ways and the unlikely couple falls sweetly in love.

Summary: Landon Carter and his friends are the “in” crowd, and others are willing to go to great lengths to be a part of the group, but when a prank goes wrong and another teenager is hospitalized, Landon faces possible expulsion from school. Instead he is assigned to help the school janitorial staff, tutor after hours, and join the drama club. At each of these activities, Landon encounters Jamie Sullivan, daughter of Reverend Sullivan. Irked by Jamie’s independent spirit, Landon mocks Jamie even when she would try to help him. Relenting, Jamie agrees to practice lines with Landon for the school play, on the condition that Landon promise not to fall in love with her. But Landon does find himself captivated by Jamie and when Landon learns the real reason that Jamie has a to-do list for her life, he proves that miracles really do happen.

Notes: This is a tender, sweet story of faith, hope and love.
Flags: 4