Forever ~ Judy Blume

Publisher: Pocket Books (1975)
ISBN: 0-671-53225-1
220 pgs

Classification: YA fiction
Genre: Romance, issues.
Age Level: 15+

Reader’s Annotation: High school seniors Katherine and Michael experience all the thrilling uncertainties and joyful contentment of falling in love for the first time, including the turbulence of teen sexual intimacy.

Summary: Katherine and Michael meet at a party and experience an instant connection. As they date and get to know one another, their relationship also becomes more and more physically intimate. Then, as the school year draws to a close and Katherine and Michael must make decisions about their individual futures, the ultimate question looms: is their love the kind that will last forever?

Notes: This novel is a YA classic more for its subject matter than the characters. Katherine and Michael’s relationship is not memorable for its romantic value, and Michael (and Ralph), in particular, is laughable in a literary world that now includes Edward Cullen.
Flags: 3