Model: A Memoir ~ Cheryl Diamond

Publisher: Simon Pulse (2008)
ISBN: 1-4169-5904-1
357 pgs

Classification: Non-fiction
Genre: Memoir
Age Level: 13+

Reader’s Annotation: Fashion model Cheryl Diamond is poised on the brink of supermodel status when a shocking incident derails her career.

Summary: This memoir offers unique insight into the glamorous and ruthless world of high fashion and the beautiful people who make us covet it all. At age sixteen uber-confident Cheryl Diamond, with her edgy look and gorgeous blonde hair, lands a contract with an exclusive NYC modeling agency. Diamond enjoys early success at photo shoots and on the runway until an unexpected trauma forces the young beauty to ask herself: is modeling really the career for her?
Notes: Diamond’s story makes for a good read that will be enjoyed by fans of America’s Next Top Model and any avid fashion magazine reader.
Flags: 4