Poseur ~ Rachel Maude

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (2008)
ISBN: 978-0-316-06583-2
289 pgs

Classification: YA Fiction
Genre: Chick lit
Age Level: 12+

Reader’s Annotation: Grouped together for a project, Janie, Charlotte, Melissa and Petra need to figure out how to play nice or they risk humiliation in front of their entire school.

Summary: Creative Janie is envious of her twin brother’s sudden popularity while haughty Charlotte is obsessed with all things French and Janie’s brother. Control-freak Melissa is passionate about everything to do with Melissa, and apathetic Petra is moved by very little. These four vastly different high school sophomores are thrust together by a well-meaning guidance counselor intent on fostering “the arts” at their elite Southern California prep school. The girls are expected to draw from their unique backgrounds and interest in fashion to collaborate on a label. Can they overcome their petty squabbles to create couture? Or will all four of them be exposed school-wide for the poseurs they really are?

Notes: Book one in a series. Sketches of original outfits enhance an otherwise bland story. Content to be aware of—underage drinking, drug use.
Flags: 3