Breaking Dawn ~ Stephanie Meyer

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (2008)
ISBN: 978-0-316-06792-8
756 pgs

Classification: YA Fiction
Genre: Romance, fantasy, vampires
Age Level: 14+

Reader’s Annotation: Human Bella Swan, vampire Edward Cullen and Quileute werewolf Jacob Black redefine their relationships as they cope with the greatest challenges of their mortal and immortal lives.

Summary: Newlyweds Bella and Edward Cullen face many more dilemmas than the average teen couple. Namely, how to fulfill their promise to the Volturi (the governing body of the greater vampire community) to turn Bella into a vampire; how to preserve peace with the pack of Quileute werewolves with whom they’ve a treaty vowing not to create a new vampire; and how to cope with Bella’s human father who knows nothing of vampires nor werewolves. Then the couple gets the greatest honeymoon surprise of all…and the additional complications that go with it. Narrated from Bella’s and from Jacob’s point of view, this final installment of the Twilight saga is gripping and dramatic, and main character Bella finally emerges as a decent heroine.

Notes: This is book 4 of 4, The Twilight Saga. The series as a whole is entertaining enough, though the strength of the stories lies in Meyer’s depiction of the vampire community, rather than in the characterization of the main female character.
Flags: 4