Jumper (Movie)

Based on Jumper by Steven Gould
Studio: 20th Century Fox (2008)
Rating: PG-13

Genre: Science-fiction
Director: Doug Liman
Main Cast: Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson, Rachel Bilson

Viewer’s Annotation: As a Jumper, David Rice is capable of teleporting anywhere in the world, and he enjoys traveling on a whim until a scary encounter with a man out to kill him causes David to realize that his life is not as carefree as he thinks it is.

Summary: When he is 15, David Rice discovers that he is capable of teleporting, or “jumping.” He promptly leaves home to see the world, funding his new extravagant lifestyle by robbing banks. Living a frat boy’s dream, David picnics atop the Sphinx, surfs in Fiji, and club hops in London—all in the span of a day. Returning to his home town years later, David seeks out his long-time crush, Millie, with the intent of sweeping her off her feet with a trip to Rome. However, David’s lifestyle has come to the attention of the Paladins who are intent on killing all Jumpers. Clueless and desperate, David entreats another Jumper to help him. Griffin is hardly keen to team up, though, and David wastes valuable time before realizing that he can only rely on himself. When the Paladins capture Millie, David alone must figure out how to save her and himself.

Notes: Before he realizes he is a Jumper, David is pretty much a loser and unfortunately he does not get any cooler with his newfound ability. Griffin, the visual effects, and the intriguing plot make up for the weak protagonist.
Flags: 3