Gossip Girl ~ Cecily von Ziegesar

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (2002).
ISBN: 978-0-316-91033-0
201 pgs

Classification: YA fiction
Genre: chick lit
Age Level: 14+

Reader’s Annotation: In a world where money just may grow on trees and parental supervision is scarce, the young jet-set of Manhattan dictates the trends in fashion, art, music and film, but someone’s always watching and in a high tech world no secret is sacred.

Summary: From Park Avenue penthouses to privileged prep schools and anywhere hip in between, the Manhattan elite shop, party and hook up. In this first book of the series, magnetic Serena van der Woodsen turns heads wherever she goes, Queen Bee Blair Waldorf really is vulnerable beneath the flawless image she projects, and awkward young Jenny Humphrey is ecstatic to have captured the attention of Nate Archibald, even if he is usually stoned. Narrated by the anonymous Upper East Side blogger, this is the novel that started it all—the book series and its spinoffs and the TV show that turned Blake and Leighton into style icons for the new millennium. So log on to find out who’s wearing what, who’s hanging where, who’s partying when, who’s kissing whom, and what Gossip Girl thinks of it all.

Notes: Book one of a series. Gossip Girl is Sweet Valley High for a new generation, with all the engaging characters and riveting plots twists of an engrossing series. Content to be aware of—underage drinking, drug use, sexuality, language.
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