Twilight (Movie)

Based on Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
Studio: Summit Entertainment (2008)
Rating: PG-13

Genre: Fantasy
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Main Cast: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

Viewer’s Annotation: In this adaptation of the Stephanie Meyer novel, a human teenager falls in love with a vampire.

Summary: Upon transferring to Forks High School in her dad’s small Pacific Northwest town, Bella Swan meets enigmatic Edward Cullen and promptly falls in love. The budding romance is complicated by Edward’s inhuman nature, but Bella refuses to be put off by even an entire family of vampires. But just how long can a human endure amid vampires before someone is unable to resist the lure of red hot blood?

Notes: The movie magnifies all that is wrong with the novel, namely Bella’s obsession with the good-looking vampire she just met. Lush landscape and attractive teenagers make it a very pretty movie and a great adaptation of the novel.
Flags: 4