Being a Girl ~ Kim Cattrall

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (2006)
ISBN: 978-0-316-01102-0
128 pgs

Classification: YA Non-fiction
Genre: Health
Age Level: 12+

Reader’s Annotation: Kim Cattrall draws from her life experience, including her years of portraying strong, sexy women on stage and screen, to offer advice to girls about growing up to the be women they want to be.

Summary: Since her Sex and the City character Samantha Jones seems to have all the answers when it comes to her womanhood, fans of the show felt that actress Kim Cattrall must know something too. Weaving her personal coming-of-age story into her discussion, Cattrall addresses the joys and trials of being a girl in today’s world. Cattrall covers topics ranging from inner and outer beauty to relationships with family and friends to sexual intelligence. The central message is the importance of a strong sense of self, which Cattrall encourages girls to discover in healthy ways sooner rather than later.

Notes: Cattrall’s honesty, combined with photographs of the actress from her youth and throughout her career, gives this book the feel of a conversation with a trusted mentor. The book would most benefit younger teens and older tweens, but as Sex and the City is inappropriate for this age group, it is hard to say if girls would be interested in Cattrall’s perspective.
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